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Our Story

Our first cafe was on a hospital campus.

In-house catered lunches were soon ordered on a regular basis. It wasn't long till we started catering events in one of the largest business markets available, weddings. Weddings became our niche and we found our passion! We love catering; especially weddings. There are no do-overs, you have one opportunity to do it right and that's it. Fast forward to now, and we are heavily devoted to the science behind the wedding industry. It's not just talent its practice and dedication that converge to execute a perfectly coordinated event. This is our pledge.

The owners husband, Flemming, is from Denmark. Most people will agree the Danes live to eat, not eat to live. We vacation in Europe often. These experiences have opened us up to so many new foods and flavors most would never come to experience or even imagine to create. Trying to duplicate the European styles became the fuel to our burning passion for food done right. We live up to it too.


We pride ourselves on preparing our food from scratch. Plain and simple, processed food is not good. Preparing food from scratch not only tastes good, it allows us to identify any potential allergens. We are confident serving gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options. Not only do we offer American classic meals, we have a wide variety of cultural dishes to choose from. Italian, French, Greek, Mexican, Thai, Asian, Indian, German, Cajun, Hawaiian and of course, Scandinavian. The sky is the limit!

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